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Coaxial Cable Splitter

Cable internet is the most popular kind of high-speed internet access in the world today. Just like your cable television connection, you receive information into your home via cables. These cables are hooked into either the back of your television set or into a computer modem.



They are called coaxial cables. And after they are properly in place, you will be able enjoy endless hours of entertainment and information. Because you will likely want the flexibility to enjoy cable TV at the same time as internet access, you’ll need a coaxial cable splitter.

 coaxial cable splitter

 coaxial splitters

 coaxial cable splitters

What is the Coaxial ('Coax') Cable Splitter?

You only have one coa coax cable line coming into your home and you want it to run your cable internet and your cable TV simultaneously. What do you do? The solution is simple. You can install a coaxial cable splitter, sometimes also called a cable TV splitter. 

Just like it sounds, a coaxial cable splitter will split the connection between your TV and your cable internet. Coaxial cable splitters also cut down on signal loss and delays.

cable tv splitter 

 coaxial splitter

 cable splitter

New Coax Cable Splitters

Cable splitters are constantly being improved and updated. Some of the most recent splitters have been specifically designed to support High Definition Television, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Telephone service.

However, if you wanted to connect your phone, internet, and television all at the same time, you would need a 3 way splitter. But have no fear. There are coaxial splitter options (sometimes called coax cable splitter, for short) on the market that can handle up to 16 way connections

As the technology has improved, the prices of coaxial cable splitters have dropped dramatically. You can purchase a basic 2 way splitter for either cable television or broadband internet access for only a couple of dollars.

 cable splitters

 cable splitter

 coax cable splitter

Cable Splitter Installation

If you know you need a cable splitter before you have cable internet installed, simply ask your provider if they can install it for you. Note that this is different than how to splice coaxial cable, or your cable signal…..there is nothing improper with using a splitter to empower your TV and internet to work at the same time. 

Since basic cable splitters are cheap, some cable installers may install the coaxial splitter for free or for nominal fee. If you have basic technical skills and expertise in cabling and installations, then you may want to do this simple job yourself. Above all, always check with your provider if it is safe and whether they are any special precautionary measures that need to be observed.



If you're looking for more detailed information on coaxiale cable in general, check out the coaxiable cable definition page.

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